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Was It Something That I Said


  1. May 31,  · Was It Something I Said? By Aurora Starr. I rarely apologize anymore. Why? Because saying you’re sorry is the new black. “Sorry” means nothing if it is overused, disingenuous or a faux plea of ignorance. Today so many feel compelled to apologize ad nauseum. “I’m sorry for eating the last slice.”.
  2. Lyrics to 'Was It Something I Said' by OMD. Was it something I said or something you read That's changing your mind, that's turnin' you around? Was somebody wrong or somebody right What was it made up your mind, what could change overnight?
  3. Just cause something that I said You don't want to know the truth Cause you're wild and full of youth. Was it something that I said Something that I said Something in my head? You ain't got no friends no more Cause you kicked them to the floor Time will tell, and you will see That it's down to you, not me.
  4. Jun 06,  · [Chorus: MyKey] B Was it something I said F# That made you anxious, yeah, it made you upset C# G#m Made you call me back at 3 a.m. C# Just to tell me your defense? G#m Was it something I said F# That made you anxious, yeah, it made you upset C# G#m Made you wanna go and bitch to your friends? C# Was it something that I said?
  5. May 27,  · Yeah Was it something I said (oh fuck) [Intro] Fmaj7 C B7 Bbmaj7 Gm7 [Verse 1] Fmaj7 Guess it's time for sadboy kiss and tell C7 Bb You ruined my life but I wish you well Fmaj7 I lied about that second part, oh well C7 Yeah quit leaving me voicemails about your pain B7 Bbmaj7 Shouldn't have to listen to the shit you say Bb Gm7 Why'd you even.
  6. Was It Something I Said book. Read 33 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When Justine and Barry meet during a plane crash just befor /5(33).
  7. You say you don't know I say anything goes But if you think it's over Then this you should know Don't you come round here no more Don't you waste my time Don't you dare to phone me Don't even have me on your mind Was it something I said Or something you read Is changing your mind Is turning you around Is somebody wrong And somebody right.
  8. May 21,  · Whether you said something, he got back with an ex, or kept his roster going and went ghost, its nothing on you. Just wasnt meant to be. Keep it moving and remember sometimes on these apps, people can ghost or unmatch for any reason, so dont it that its your fault, many things are at play.
  9. Was it something that I said Was it something that you heard Why are you treating me so bad I was the best man that you had Now I think I deserve at least a two week notice After all the things we did And all the good times we had I mean, I can't just throw them away like that with no explanation And you won't tell me what happened And I'm.

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