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Yayahuqui Tezcatlipoca - Xipe Totec (2) - Eztlacuani (CD, Album)


  1. Tezcatlipoca, (Nahuatl: “Smoking Mirror”) god of the Great Bear constellation and of the night sky, one of the major deities of the Aztec pantheon. Tezcatlipoca’s cult was brought to central Mexico by the Toltecs, Nahua-speaking warriors from the north, about the end of the 10th century ad.
  2. Kondaira. Nahua kulturan sortzailea, printzipio duala, maskulinoa eta femeninoa den Ometeotlek, hamairugarren zeruan biziz, lau seme izan zituen: lehena Xipe Totec izan zen (Tezcatlipoca gorria edo Camaxtle), bigarrena Tezcatlipoca (Tezcatlipoca beltza), hirugarrena Quetzalcoatl (Tezcatlipoca zuria), eta laugarrena Huitzilopochtli izan zen (Tezcatlipoca urdina edo kolibri ezkerra).
  3. Feb 24,  ·.-"titentzayanaloz" "te seran desgarrados los labios" Martin Martinez Medina: Instrumentos Prehispánicos Mat studio, feb
  4. God of the Month: Xipe Totec The great god Xipe Totec, otherwise known as Our Lord the Flayed One, was another of the oldest Aztec deities. Also known as Red Tezcatlipoca, guardian of the east, Xipe Totec was often depicted as a man wearing the flayed skin of another. The main picture shows an image of Xipe Totec drawn in the Florentine Codex.
  5. Nahui Ollin. Today I want to share something interesting I noted about a couple of important dates in the tonalpohualli, the day sacred calendar of traditional Mesoamerica (as opposed to the day + 5 “dead days” civil calendar, used by the authorities much like the modern 12 month European calendar). According to the Aztec Calendar website, today is the day Nahui Ollin, or Four.
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  7. Xipe Totec appears in codices with his right hand upraised and his left hand extending towards the front. Xipe Totec is represented wearing flayed human skin, usually with the flayed skin of the hands falling loose from the wrists. His hands are bent in a position that appears to possibly hold a ceremonial object. His body is often painted yellow on one side and tan on the other.
  8. Tezcatlipoca was an all-important god to the Aztec people. One of his most revered attributes was the ability to shape-shift, usually into a jaguar. In celebration of this god, the Aztec held a feast each year to honor Tezcatlipoca during which a specially chosen young man would climb the stairs of the temple and then be sacrificed by the priest.

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