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Might As Well


  1. "may[might] as well - use when there is no reason no to do this.", so I have in trouble in understanding the difference "may as well" and "might as well". Those two means really the same? Can they be replaced each other all the time? For example. I finished cleaning up my room earlier, so I may as well wash the dishes,too.
  2. The couple might as well have been strangers, We might just as well be in prison for all the quality our lives have at present. 7 If you say that you might as well do something, or that you may as well do it, you mean that you will do it although you do not have a strong desire to do it and may even feel slightly unwilling to do it.
  3. Might as Well Bar & Grill is the top Chapel Hill sports bar for fresh, quality food. We’re proud to be your local sports bar, open late, serving a huge selection of drink specials. We’ve got amazing happy hour drink specials, and food that’s bursting with flavor.
  4. Might as Well, Sugaree, Lazy River Road, Black Muddy River, Ship of Fools, Ripple, Brokedown Palace all showcase the timeless, humble beauty of Garcia/Hunter songwriting and the strong and fatherly sounds of the Persuasions/5(18).
  5. Might as well, might as well (Might as well, might as well) Ragtime solid for twenty five miles Then slip over to the Cajun style Bar car loaded with rhythm and blues Rock and roll wailing in the old caboose. Long train running from coast to coast Bringing 'long the party where they need it the most.
  6. Well, I thought, I've already lost half my job, I might as well go the whole hog and lose it completely. 嗯,我想,反正我的工作已经丢了一半了,干脆一不做二不休,走人算了。 柯林斯例句.
  7. Definition of might/may as well 1 —used to say that something should be done or accepted because it cannot be avoided or because there is no good reason not to do it You might as well tell them the truth. We may as well begin now. (informal) "Should we start now?".
  8. From pizza to steak & a wide range of cold beer specials, come chill out and support the Heels & Seahawks! MAWBar has two locations and all the sports you can handle - near UNCW on Racine or near UNC Chapel Hill on Franklin Ave. Open Late. Order Online. Food Delivery.

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