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Little Twin Stars (Instrumental)


  1. 雙星仙子又叫雙子星(日语: リトルツインスターズ ,英語: Little twin stars ),為日本三麗鷗公司於年所創造的卡通人物。. 雙子星是雙胞胎。弟弟叫做Kiki( キキ )姊姊叫做Lala( ララ )。 Kiki有藍色的頭髮而Lala有粉紅色的頭髮(有時候Kiki的頭髮是咖啡色而Lala的頭髮是金黃色)。.
  2. Little Twin Stars. Kiki and Lala are two twin stars born on Omoiyari Star in the Yume Star-Cloud. They traveled a long way to Earth to learn how to be the best, shiniest stars they can be. Lala is the eldest, loves to draw and write poems, and is a great cook! Kiki is filled with curiosity about everything, which makes him a little cheeky sometimes.

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