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Glad To Say To Say - Gong - The Very Best Of Gong (CD)


  1. Songs like "Glad to Say to Say" began a quirky song tradition that remained with them throughout their heyday. On the other hand, "'Cos You Got Green Hair" suggested another one of Allen's future directions: floating glissando guitar drones over a static or absent beat. The album rocks a bit too, as the "Gong .
  2. As such, this album, in a certain sense, is the best Gong album, being the best of both Gongs. I haven't owned this for about 25 years, and when my copy arrived the other day the memories immediately came back of lying on my back, unable to move and being 10, miles long and made out of electric watercress, this amazing music bouncing off the /5(51).
  3. Gong are a unique band with a unique blend of styles. A bunch of hippies blending jazz, prog rock, folk and pyschdelic. Hillage is an amazing guitarist. Great album. Wacky in places but that's their charm. Saw them live recently and that's when they are at their best. Turn down the lights, light a spliff and enjoy/5(5).
  4. A gong is a large percussion instrument that you play by hitting it with a mallet. Gongs make a resonant, echoing sound. In the classic game show "The Gong Show," amateur performers tried to impress judges who could end the act by banging a giant gong.
  5. The gong ageng and some gong suwukan have a beat note. Opera gongs. An essential part of the orchestra for Chinese opera is a pair of gongs, the larger with a descending tone, the smaller with a rising tone. The larger gong is used to announce the entrance of major players or men and to identify points of drama and consequence.
  6. 13 CD Gong Box Set September ; the first disc I played was the remastered "Flying Teapot", and it did not disappoint. Best sound quality I've ever heard of this album, vinyl or CD. Not too thrilled with disc two, selections from Bataclan live The sound quality is better than I've ever heard it before, but I just am not that crazy.
  7. The Very Best Of אמן: GONG שנה: שלח לחבר; TRACKS 1 Rational Anthem 2 Foghat Digs Holes In Space 3 Glad To Say To Say 4 Tried So Hard 5 Tropical Fish: Selene 6 Radio Gnome Invisible 7 The Pot Head Pixies 8 Witch's Song: I Am Your Pussy 9 Sold To The Highest Buddah.
  8. GONG - VERY BEST OF. CD (Compact Disc) · CHARLY · 26/09/ · in PSYCHEDELIC / PROGRESSIVE / FOLK. BACK IN PRINT! A great collection of recordings from the psychedelic weirdos featuring Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth, presented on CD! TRACKS: Rational Anthem Foghat Digs Holes In Space Glad To Say To Say

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